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Today we show our support to all those with impairments, knowing that it is not our disabilities, rather our abilities that count! #Personswithdisbilitiesday #StJohnAmbulance #StJohnSouthAfrica ... See MoreSee Less

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HIV & AIDS is still the largest healthcare issue in southern Africa. Today we stand united with those suffering from HIV & AIDS and with those trying to mitigate its spread, knowing there are great advances being made to reduce the symptoms and concrete ways to stop its spread. #WorldAIDSDay #StJohnAmbulance #StJohnSouthAfrica ... See MoreSee Less

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We've been there for two World Wars, for the riots and protests in our fight for freedom and equality, for the first democratic elections in 1994 and the 2010 Soccer World Cup to name just a few - Now let us be there for you. Visit to find out more about our service. #StJohnAmbulance #StJohnBrigade #StJohnSouthAfrica #HereForGood ... See MoreSee Less

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A stroke is caused when there is poor blood flow to parts of the brain resulting in cell death. Symptoms can be permanent and can cause various levels of debilitation. Today we stand united with those who have suffered as the result of strokes. #WorldStrokeDay #stjohnambulance

St John Ambulance provides you with a doctor's referral and together with our partnered labs, we offer a streamline and simple pre-travel COVID-19 PCR testing experience to help get you on your way to your destination. #travel #COVID19 #COVID #PCRTest #PCRtesting #stjohnambulance

Do you know how to perform CPR or use an AED? Book a St John first aid course ( for you and your family and become a St John volunteer for real-life experience with St John Ambulance #StJohnAmbulance #WorldRestartAHeartDay2020 #CPR #FirstAidTraining #heart

2020 has brought awareness about the importance of handwashing. Let’s remember this healthy habit as we head towards and into 2021. #StJohnAmbulance #StJohnSouthAfrica #GlobalHandwashingDay2020

Bones and joints are what give our bodies structure and the ability to move. They also protect some of our vital organs. Eating a diet which incorporates calcium and omega 3 oils, is important to keep bones and joints healthy and in good shape.#StJohnAmbulance #bonesandjoints

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